Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding treasures in every day things

I'm just stopping by real quick before heading off to take L to the doc for Lithum bloodwork. His doctor upped his Abilify and Lithium and is planning on calling him tomorrow to let him know how to proceed.

Yesterday went better than the past few days. We played 'treasure hunt' with Miss K and L did WONDERFUL.


He drew maps, made up riddles and hid the treasure box for Miss K and I to find. I treasure these moments (pun intended) and hold them close since these are the memories I want the girls to have. These moments are what gets me through the bad moments. They let me know that there is a life were we love, laugh and play. So even when things are bad I try to decode the riddles and clues he leaves me to find that one special moment, that one smile that comes through the depression, that logical decision in the middle of a manic episode. Because they are there. I just have to be patient and look for it.

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Sonya's World said...

this is a really lovely little post. very well-written.

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