Sunday, May 2, 2010

Psych Week on Discovery Health

I am watching Psych Week on Discovery Health right now. It is great to see a big channel do a series on mental health issues. I just got done watching a show on anxiety/panic disorders and just started watching the second show. This one about anger/rage. Both shows within the first few minutes hit very close to home and brought me very close to tears. In both shows I have seen things that are very familiar to us. The days of L being unable to get out of bed, his fear of being in crowded places, his anger outbursts,...

In the first show it was the wife who had panic disorder and the husband at one point said that it feels as if he is alone in the marriage because his wife is there but not THERE and he is the one taking care of the house and their children. Hearing other people put into words what I am feeling at times makes me feel much less alone. That is why I am doing this: Giving myself and others a voice.

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