Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pool = great daddy/Miss K bonding time

L has been wanting a pool for as long as I have known him. Both our girls LOVE the water as well. We are now in a house with a big enough yard (1.25 acres ARE enough, right? lol) and with his birthday coming up he got an early birthday present. It's a 15' X 42" Metal frame pool. I put it up tthree days ago. It was ready for 'business' the following morning.


Both L and Miss K have spend hours in that pool already. It makes me so happy to see them spend time together and ENJOYING spending time together. Since this is something they both love I am very hopeful that it will last. They both need this.

On that note, Miss K just woke up and her first question? 'Can daddy go in the pool with me now?'

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