Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keeping a watchful eye on L


Last night at about 7pm L finally fell asleep after having been up for almost 36 hours. Big changes in sleeping pattern, the irritability, the talk about moving, the purchase of two ducks earlier this week all have me on the edge and watching L like a hawk. The smallest thing has me wondering if it is a sign of worse things to come.

So please, send any and all good wishes, thoughts and prayers our way that this will blow over soon. Last night Miss K wanted to cuddle with her daddy and he kept telling her NOT to touch him and to 'stay out of [his] bubble' which rather confused the poor child because she couldn't SEE a bubble and then she wanted one of her own. Until this episode is over we will all try to proceed with caution and try not to upset L more than he already is.


Susie said...

Sending you all of my positive energy:-)

I am here from the SITs Welcome Wagon! I hope you are enjoying the party:-)

Sonya's World said...

Been reading lately but not so much commenting, sorry to hear you are in a tough patch. Watch your man like a hawk, it's the most you can do. I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts.

Kristin said...

When someone is trying to isolate, close the world off to secure the edges, it usually means there is more drama to come. (my experience!) Give L space, but keep a watchful eye on him. If you give him too much space, he might feel rejected, too little, invaded. Because there is no way that the kids can understand a parent's need for space, you could make a game out of it. "Daddy time" has "daddy space". When he is feeling better, the doors get flung open.
You are always so level headed. I am sending you hugs because this situation sounds very taxing.
I hope L gets a couple of good night's rest and begins to feel more stable.
xx kris

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