Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Introducing DD...

No, I am not pregnant. Our family still has grown by one member: Darkwing Duck also known as DD. Sorry for the blurriness but he just wouldn't hold still.


Now I am sure you are wondering why in the world we have a duck. L has been doing worse and worse over the past few days. Sunday night he used paypal to spend $20 on a fb game (account info has since been changed), he has been depressed, talking badly about himself ('I'm so worthless', 'I'm a terrible person'...) and just been difficult to be around. Sunday afternoon he had told me that he felt I was neglecting him over the girls and my work.

Fast forward to Monday morning. He told me that he wants to get a chicken and I tell him that I did NOT want a chicken roaming in our backyard. A few hours later he informed me that he is out of cigarettes. Since I was working I gave him some cash to go to the gas station to get two packs of cigarettes. Well, when he returned he had a duckling with him and no cigarettes.

And now we have a duck. At least it wasn't the potbelly pig they were selling at the feed store... Though if he had had enough money with him that might have been a close call. Note to self: next time make sure to say 'No livestock' instead of just saying 'no chicken'. L already had an appointment scheduled with his social worker for tomorrow which couldn't have been better timing.


Teresa Wilkinson 1984 said...

I remember filling our home with all sorts of things to nurture. This post made me laugh and made me wonder if it was the onset of my mental illness when I did this. I had 5 dogs, 3 frogs, fish you name it if I could find a way I would do it. I could not say no to anything my toddlers asked for I would find a way and tell my husband but the kids wanted it I can take care of that too. We never realized it was a signal of my development of mental illness.

Kris said...

@Teresa, for L it really is the need to feel loved and needed. We've had to rehome numerours pets because he just HAD to have a dog/cat and now the duck. And actually since I wrote this we have gotten a second duck because when doing some research it said everywhere that ducks are very social animals and should never be raised alone. lol Luckily we own our house and have a huge backyard.

Sonya's World said...

I actually think this is great! New life in a home can be wonderful. When my wife was in the hospital I brought her an orchid and she cared for it very tenderly, and since returning home our family dog has been her best friend. It may be a bit unplanned and create some challenges but I think that life to take care of is a great thing.

Also, thanks so much for sharing my post. I am thrilled to see so much feedback and really respect your commitment to sharing other people's stories.

Kris said...

lol Thanks. It would be much better if he didn't have a track record of getting pets and then stopping to take care of them after a while. Hence the rehoming I mentioned earlier. And we already have a cat that we got about a month ago. lol I'm trying to stay positive that maybe this time the novelty won't wear off and he will stick to it.

EmberRose said...

Maybe the duck will be low maintenance enough that L will keep up with it.


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