Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy (belated) bloggiversary to me

Yesterday was my two month bloggiversary of blogging daily. Thanks to this blog and me trying to be more active in speaking out on here, facebook, twitter and in my offline life I have met some amazing people that inspire me daily to keep going.

Emails like this

I just visited your blog and I wanted to commend you for being so open about what you’re going through. It looks like you’ve got some amazing readers as well.

are what keeps me coming back day after day to share what is going on in our lives. That and knowing that there are people who read my posts and who hopefully are getting something out of me writing. The biggest gift I am hoping to give people is to make them feel less alone and to give someone that has not found theirs yet a voice.

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Kati said...

happy bloggiversary to you! :)

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