Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great timing! Seriously, it is.

L kept getting worse yesterday. I was working from 8am-4pm yesterday (I work from home). He woke up in a bad mood and I tried to keep the girls from bothering hm. It was just one of those days where even just sitting there was the wrong thing to do. He blew up at me. Saying that I 'obviously want a divorce and don't care about [him]'. Yelling and screaming.

It went on for a good 20 minutes while I was trying to concentrate on my job, on our two girls that were right there with us and on trying to calm him down. He finally walked away.

About 30minutes later he came back to apologize and to tell me that he thinks his new medication he started about a month ago is not helping but making things worse. I have to agree. Instead of getting better he has been getting worse. He is moody, irritable and (by his own admittance) starting to feel suicidal.

At about 4:30pm we got a call from the VA clinic he goes to. They called to see if he could come in tomorrow morning at 8am to see his psychologist. I had been so busy at work and with the girls (and with trying to just get through the day) that I hadn't had a chance to call yet to make an emergency appointment for him. I have no idea why they called to make him a last minute appointment but whatever it was, I am thankful for it. It couldn't have come at a better time or with better timing.


Kristin said...

Some strange forces at work! The phone call from the VA hospital sounds heaven sent. An available appointment early in the day never happens if you ask for it. They just laid it in your lap!
I hope they can adjust his medications. No one should have to suffer the roller coaster of emotions that he is on. Plus, it is too hard on you and the kids.
I am always touched by your posts. YOur journey through life is rough, but you are always making the best of it.
Good luck at the VA today,
xx kris

AK said...

awww :(
I hope things get better, no fun when people you love so much hurt so bad. Bad all around. Thinking good thoughts of you, him, and the kids, hoping everything gets better soon!
take care of yourself.

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