Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinner Out cut short

Last night we tried to go out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here in Gulf Shores. There was a 30 minute wait because of this being Memorial Day weekend and it was pretty loud inside with people enjoying an evening out.

I could tell that L was getting more and more anxious as we were waiting for our table. All the noise was making Little K a bit fussy and uncooperative which in return was making L's anxiety worse. We ordered our food and L told me had to go outside. Him leaving the restaurant/whatever in the middle of things is something that has become normal for us. I rather have him go outside for a short breather than to have him get upset or have a panic attack.

Last night proved to be too much though and before we even got our food he asked me to get the food boxed up once we got it and to leave. I know he felt worse about it than I did. He waited outside while I waited for our waitress, then got the food boxed, paid and then got the girls and the food out to the car. It took a good 20 minutes for all of that and another 10 minutes until we were back at the condo.

By the time we got back he was starting to calm down and to slowly relax. So we had dinner back at the condo. Food tasted as good as it would have at the restaurant and (aside from the thunder) much more quiet than it would have been otherwise. In the end we had a nice evening with some hot chocolate.

There is no point in getting upset about things like this. They have happened, they do happen and will continue to happen from time to time. It is part of our life and we just try to make the best of it.


Melissa Mashburn said...

Way to roll with the punches.

I have to give him credit for trying. I cannot tell you how many times my husband has had to bring me supper home because I could not manage being away from the house.

C E said...

Restaurants and bars are places I have a lot of difficultly being as well, and often have to leave and take a breather to avoid panic attacks. It can feel really embarrassing to have to do that even if it is less embarrassing than having a panic attack. It is nice to see your thoughts, it not really bothering you and just rolling with it b/c i often worry I've ruined everything, and that you still had a nice dinner :)

- Little Epicure

Kris said...

It would be a waste of energy to get upset about something like this. If given a choice he wouldn't chose to have to leave. It is simply part of his illness. Me getting upset would just get him more upset.

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