Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day saved

Yesterday started out rather badly. I got up at 6am after less than 5 hours of sleep. Got ready for our yard sale (which was a washout) and just in time realized that I worked first and not second shift. Good thing that I work from home because it was 7:55am and my shift started at 8am... And we all know how days go when they start out like that.

By the time I got off work at 4pm I was just ready to get out of the house. Too bad that my youngest daughter's car seat wasn't in the car (she had stayed with her great-grandparents the night before and they drove her back to us this morning). I just did not feel like dealing with that. So we tried to go for a walk and after just a few feet it started raining again. At that point I did NOT feel like making dinner anymore. I needed the evening off.

L has been extremely stressed the past week. Mostly because he is stressing himself out over small things. Some so small that he isn't even sure what they are. When we left it was already past Little K's bed time so she was rather fussy. During his good times he has problems dealing with fussy/screaming kids, get him when he is already stressed and this is a bad mix. On the way to the restaurant I was ready to just pick up some fast food, turn around and go home. I figured that dinner would not be enjoyable with a cranky husband and me having to hold a one-year old because she is too tired to sit at the table.

To my surprise we had a very enjoyable evening. L leaving the table numerous times while out for dinner because it gets too busy/loud/crowded for him is just something that is normal for us by now. At least when I have the girls with me the sometimes pitiful looks and even comments from the waiter/waitress don't happen.

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