Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday was a great day

I like normal. And Calm. And we had both yesterday. There were a few situations that could have gone wrong but we both made a conscious effort to avoid getting into situations that we knew would e too stressful. For example, we went grocery shopping yesterday. L was anxious and before I was done shopping he felt that he just had to get out. There are times when I just push the issue and insist on finishing shopping but with Friday's reminder to 'keep the big picture in mind' I just let it go. I can finish shopping some other time.

Last night after the girls were in bed we had a wonderful and open conversation about how he feels about being mentally ill. I was extremely proud of him for saying that he wants to be honest about it when talking to other people because he, too, wants to try to break the stigma.

Despite all this, we both know that he isn't doing too well. He has just arrived at the other side of the pendulum. We still still try to get him seen ASAP to get his medication adjusted. Until things change we will just enjoy this ride on the good side of things and I will do my best not to worry about how long it will last.

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