Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tweet, tweet, tweet

Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? I had no idea until last month but thanks to some wonderful people that I have met on twitter.com I am now 'in the know'. I originally only got twitter because during my job interview I was asked if I had a twitter account yet. Two thumbs up for a job that not only allows but encourages the use of social media in all its forms.

I started out using twitter and thought of it as a fun little toy. Nothing too serious and just another way to keep up with people. Little by little I started to realize what a powerful tool I had discovered. It makes finding like-minded people so much easier. And unlike fb it is much easier to add people based on their interests and commonalities without 'knowing' them. FB in a way is still much more personal.

Once I realized all of this I started looking for people. And people started finding me. I have 'met' some amazingly strong and inspiring men and women thanks to twitter. People who have the ability to convey so much within the 140 character limit set by twitter (and in their work outisde of twitter). People who are working on the same goal as me of trying to break the stigma of mental illness. People who share their own struggles in order to help others and to help themselves. People from all over the world.


It is so empowering to know that eventhough we all have different struggles, we still have a lot in common. One thing that I am looking forward to now every weeks is the #mhsm chat on Tuesdays at 9PM CST. For those unfamiliar with twitter the hashtag (#) is a searchable item and mhsm stand for 'Mental Health, Social Media'. I am just getting started out in this new endouver but I hope to be of help to people and maybe even inspire others in a small way.

So if you are on twitter come follow me and if you are not, maybe it is time to get started.


Jess S. said...

Hi. I saw that you had followed my blog and that I had not yet visited yours. I much appreciate your honesty and advocacy for mental health. I am on the opposite side of a "normal/mentally ill" relationship (getting married this month). I have GAD, social anxiety, major and agitated depression and some PTSD. I grew up with a father that was bipolar. I didn't know until I was about 18. Anyway, I just thought I'd say hi and get a little personal :)

Kris said...

Hi Jess, thanks for your comment! If you don't mind me asking, how was it to grow up with a bipolar parent?

Sonya's World said...

Would you believe me if I told you that in my non-anonymous world I am good friends with one of the founders of Twitter? That may give away my location a bit, but so be it. I love Twitter, been on it (again, non-anonymously) for a few years...just hooked up my @sonyas_world account to try and find other people, like how I found you and your story. Glad to hear you are making connections through it. and I hope your headache feels better soon.

Jess S. said...

While I was growing up, my father didn't seem out-of-the-ordinary. We all complained about too-strict parents or them randomly flying off the handle. And I had my mom. Sometimes my dad would even "save" me from my mom. In retrospect, I can almost see the shift when he finally got all his medication adjusted, and it's been fairly smooth sailing since then. Also in retrospect, I can see some of his behavior as being a result of the bipolar. I remember having a fingertip bruise (when or why I don't recall) from him grabbing my arm pretty hard. I remember him flying off the handle at some ridiculous stuff. But in general, it's mostly a blur of typical child/parent, slightly volatile relationship

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