Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let the new meds fun start...

After getting increasingly angry and upset, a HUGE abnormal burst of energy,no sleeping and just not feeling well I had called yesterday and gotten L an appointment to see about getting his medication adjusted. I have to say that I LOVE the VA clinic here. I had called at about 10am and they saw him at 1pm. His doctor adjusted his meds: upped his dosage of Abilify and added Lithium. He will continue to take the old dosage of Prozac and is being weaned off of the Depakote. Let the fun of trying new meds begin. He also has a follow up appointment with his social worker tomorrow (wasn't supposed to be seen until late next week) and will go in for a fasting lab on Monday to check his Lithium levels.

After yet another sleepless night for L filled with a lot of cleaning and middle-of-the night yardwork (the 4th in the past week) this is very much overdue.

Changing meds can be a very challenging time but I am hoping that this will go pretty smooth. We'll wait and see. Anyone have any experience with Lithium?

And with this we are off to the doctor because L's backpain he has had for over a week is finally at a point were he agrees that he needs to be seen for it.


Sonya's World said...

Lithium is one of the oldest meds for bipolar that is out there. It's just a natural salt, and taking it raises the level in the blood, which for some reason has a mood stabilizing effect.
Downsides to lithium: more salt means potential more strain on the kidneys, if it's not monitored closely. Which means lots of blood tests. Too much lithium can be toxic. Also, some people have the shakes in their hands because of lithium. I haven't noticed any major side effects in my wife, except maybe a little bit of muscular stuff in her forms a claw every now and then. I'm not sure if that's from lithium or risperdol or what.

Otherwise, Lithium is a decent medicine. Have you read "An Unquiet Mind"? It's a fantastic book by a psychiatrist who suffers with bipolar, and she talks about Lithium quite a bit in it. I highly recommend it, my wife and I have both read it and we learned a lot from it, in addition to finding some comfort in seeing another story of challenge and difficulty.

Good luck with the lithium.

Kris said...

I had heard a lot about Lithium being used for bipolar but that was about it. It was supposed to be overnighted and get here today but it hasn't. I will have to call tomorrow and find out why it isn't here yet. I will also add that book to me to-read list!

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