Thursday, April 15, 2010

Headache, headache go away, DON'T come back another day

I had gone to bed early last night because celebrating my youngest first birthday had made me tired and I hadn't been sleeping well for the past week of so. L's allergies are making him snore more than usual and he does this weird throat clicking noise while he is sleeping. I am now paying for going to bed before 10pm. I woke up at 4am and was tossing and turning and finally got up at 6.30am. Then the girls and I went to my youngest 1-year well baby (she is doing GREAT), to Target to get some more gifts with the gift card she got and finally back home. It is now only 1pm and I am ready for bed again. No chance for that though and I work until midnight tonight.

L is extremely stressed and his mood is accordingly bad and he is short tempered. I had to tell him that if he didn't stop this I would go back to the apartment (in case you didn't know, we currently have our house and the apartment I had rented when we separated a few months ago). Hopefully that'll put an end to some of this.

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