Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crisis while I was out of the house

I had left the house for a quick trip to the grocery store by myself (!!!!). Little K was sleeping and Miss K wanted to stay home with her daddy. Well, she wanted to stay home to play with her new kitty cat.

As I was walking back to the car to put in the groceries and to head back home I got a call from a very stressed sounding husband. Something about Kaitlyn, a mess, the cat and strawberry smoothie shampoo and the plea to head home as fast as I could.

Once I arrived at the house I got the full story. Miss K had tried to shampoo the cat (and her legs) and made a HUGE mess with the shampoo. The cat had had a quick bath, Miss K was sitting in the tub waiting for me to come home. While this is a rather seemingly 'normal' thing for a three-year old to do, add in a husband with bipolar disorder who isn't doing too well and you have the potential of this turning into a huge disaster.

luckily, L was able to stay in control of himself and while he did raise his voice and yelled at Miss K, he also apologized to her after she had been cleaned up and most importantly on his own accord. Staying home alone with her is something that tends to make him rather anxious and he did well today.

We now have a cat that smells like a strawberry smoothie, and both L and Miss K are in bed sleeping. It's been another good day.

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Paula said...

Congrats I know that it isnt always easy to be controlled. I can relate why you call it a good day. I think it is great that your hubby is aware of his current limitations and calls you, that he apologizes on his own accord and participated to cool down the situation. I love smoothies ;-)))) Have a good day! A safe hug across the pond

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