Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of 'firsts' this week

For quiet some time now I have been wanting to go see a counselor for myself. After dealing with Luke's mental health issues for so long I have been way overdue. Now that I have a full-time job I am finally in a place where we can afford for me to go and with the recent events there was a renewed urgency. I have dealt with this mostly on my own and I just don't want to do this on my own anymore. That is why I set up an appointment for myself.

I had my first individual counseling session with my therapist today. We went over family history and my life in general. What the cultural difference between the South and the North has to do with anything, I'm not sure though lol. We talked for a good hour and I will be going back in two weeks. I like my counselor so far but her winking was a bit annoying. But before I go back to see her I will be stopping by to take a Personality Test. I've been wanting to take one for forever simply because I think stuff like that is interesting so this is my chance. WOOHOO! Overall, she made me feel comfortable and seemed to be interested in what I was saying. It helped that she said a couple times that she agreed with what I was saying and complimented me on how I had been dealing with everything up to now. Who doesn't like hearing that? ;) As I said, I will be going back after the result of my Personality Test has come back.

I know a lot of people are afraid of saying that they need help but that is something we need to change. Mental Health is an issue too many just sweep under the rug. We know to eat healthy, exercise and what else to do to stay physically fit. We go to the doctor if we are in pain or have a physical ailment. Yet when we feel depressed or just 'off' mentally we don't want to go see someone. Too many are still afraid of what their spouse, friends, neighbors and even strangers will think if they went to see a therapist. Those things are reserved for people with 'real issues'. But if we don't take care of our own psyche, we are doing ourselves a HUGE disservice.

Don't be afraid and reach out if you feel you need help. No issue is too small and it all deserves the same attention.

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