Saturday, March 13, 2010

Doing an experiment

I have heard a lot about 'The Love Dare' over the past year or so. Because of all the things that have happened over the past three years our marriage has suffered to the point of almost ending in divorce twice. Things need to change and we need to find a way to get back to not just living next to each other but with each other. That is where the book comes into play.

According to the book description on the back 'The Love Dare is a 40-day guided devotional experience that will lead your heart back to truly loving your spouse while learning more about the design, nature, and source of true love. Each reading includes Scripture, a statement of principle, the day's "dare," and a journaling area and check box to chart progress.' Starting tomorrow, both Luke and I will be doing this challenge.

When I bought the book I knew that I was going to do this but I wasn't sure if Luke would be willing to do it with me. To my surprise I didn't even need to ask him. Instead, he suggested himself that we should do this together. What a wonderful start to this new journey!

So I will leave you all for now with a quote from the intro to the book:

It is a challenging and often difficult process , but an incredible fulfilling one. To take this dare requires an absolute mind and a steadfast determination.

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InsideOutBlack said...

That is awesome! Can't wait to hear more!Derek and I have our squabbles and have a hard time truly devoting are selves to each other especially with all the things we have going on and never have time for us. This would be awesome to hear how you guys do! Might give us more incentive to try harder!

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