Monday, March 15, 2010

~Dare Two~ Love is kind

Today's devotion is talking about kindness. It reminds us how important kindness is. There are times when we remember to be kind to our children, our neighbors and even complete strangers before we remember to be kind to our spouse. We become too familiar and forget the one that should be closest to us. Afterall, he or she is there every day, they can wait. Right? Especially after a long day we tend to miss all the opportunities we have or worse, we see the opportunity and just completely ignore it.

The book tells us that kindness is made up out of four elements:

Gentleness: Being careful not to be too harsh even when talking about difficult issues.

Helpfulness: Meeting the needs of others.

Willingness: Looking for ways to compromise and accomodate

Initiative: Thinking ahead and doing things without needing prompting.

All these things are so much more easy in the early stages of a relationship. After a while we just take too many things for granted and forget how important these things are and that oftentimes this was one of the qualities we loved about our partner.

Dare Two is asking us to continue to not say anything negative about our partner (YAY! We get another change to do better than the day before!) but in addition we are called to do one unexpected act of kindness.

Are you ready? I am!

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