Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Dare Four~ Love is Thoughtful

Today's lesson is up late. My three-year old stayed at her great-grandparents' house for the night and somehow my 11-months old daughter slept until 8:30am. Well, I slept until 8:30am and I had to wake her up so that we're ready when she gets picked up by her Mammaw and Papa,Thoughtlessness ,too, so that Luke and I can get some things done.

On to what today's dare is about. It starts out strong by reminding us how important thoughtfulness is. It goes on to say that 'thoughtlessness is a silent enemy to a loving [relationship]'. How much easier was it to be thoughtful early in in the relationship when you were still putting your best foot forward. As time goes on we take things more and more for granted until a thoughtful act becomes a rare occurrence.

According to the book it is much easier for women to be thoughtful (sorry, guys, not my words!) because we as women tend to think in multiple layers and more about the end result and who will be effected by any particular action. Men tend to me more straightforward and say what they think without 'beating around the bush' which easily can be taken as offensive by their partner. Us women on the other hand tend to not really say things right out and instead expect our a partner to just KNOW what is wrong. Guilty? I know I am.

Today's dare is very basic. But some times those are the most important. Luke and I won't really be able to do this since we generally spend most of our day together. But if you're following along, here is today's dare for you!

During the work day, call your spouse randomly during the day for the simple reason of saying hello and asking if there is something you can do for them.

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