Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And that's a wrap for day three

We had another great day! The whole 'Don't say anything negative' is getting easier and easier. I have to brag on Luke for a bit. Not just in regards to the dare but all together. He has been doing wonderful. He has been joining me when I take Miss K to ballet and most importantly he is taking initiative in becoming involved in various activities. He joined the choir, is volunteering for our Missions Day at church on Saturday and today talked to someone about becoming involved with Habitat For Humanities. These things are HUGE for him. I am so excited for him. The change is also showing in his attitude at home. For two weeks straight he has been making dinner for us. He loves cooking and has been making delicious meals from scratch from recipes he has made up himself.

As for me? I will be completely honest. I am having issues with making sure not to let old memories get the better of me. But I am hoping that my effort is showing. I am trying to catch myself when I realize that it is happening and to remind myself of all the positives in the past and now. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I will make progress in this.

I also need to be honest and admit that I somewhat failed at today's task of getting a 'I'm thinking of you gift' for Luke. I could make excuses but the truth is I simply forgot. I plan on making up for it though. Again, Luke did great and he got me a really pretty necklace :D So Luke, if you read this;


And before I forget, there is one more thing that we both finally are following through with. Luke will be going to his first Bipolar Support Group meeting and I am starting individual counseling on Thursday. Pray for us if you pray and wish us luck!

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