Monday, July 20, 2009

Third times the charm, right?

I keep starting this with the best of intentions to just forget about it after a short while. I am giving this yet another try. One of these days I WILL stick with it. Much has changed since last December. We have added daughter #2 to our family in April, Miss K is potty trained, we moved (again) and most importantly: Luke finally got his 100% disability through the VA. What a relief that was!

Overall things are going great though the past week or two have been pretty rough again. We are on the upswing of that at this point though. He likes his new social worker which is such an important thing for both of us. lol I have decided that now that I have health insurance for myself again I will start counseling for myself as well. And I just applied for a job today. It would be perfect since I would be able to take the girls with me!

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