Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Money, money, money...

I HATE dealing with money. Hate it! Luke insisted on going to get his snacks for his trip tonight after he got paid. He didn't want to wait till tomorrow. The only reason I let him go by himself is because we went over the list of things he was supposed to get. That and NOTHING else. He promised that he wouldn't get anything else.

I was paying bills when I saw that he didn't follow our agreement. Instead of getting the beef jerky at Walmart he got it at the gas station. Instead of just getting a small snack for himself he got a second dinner for himself and his two friends (a married couple that lives in our neighborhood and who had already been over for dinner at our house). I hate the fact that he cannot control his compulsion to spend money. Yet, he is an adult and I hate treating him like a child and not letting him go places by himself anymore. We've had to do that before and he had gotten better about it. So much better that I thought he could go by himself again. I am not his mother but his wife. For the sake of our family though I have to do it.

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