Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So I've talked about everyone but me

I made a post about how Miss K is doing, I wrote about how Luke is doing. But how am I doing? I really wish I knew. Once again I am staying strong for the rest of the family. It is not as if I have another option really. One of has us has to stay strong. And as always that has to be me. I feel terrible for Luke. We were all so proud of the progress he had made up to that point. I am angry at the person who caused this whole episode especially since we believe we know who he is. And it is a terrible feeling to know that someone who has already had such a huge negative impact on my husband is back at it after we thought that we had left him behind. We were moving on, LUKE was moving on from it. Then all of the sudden and without warning he is back with the same amount of control of Luke that he had in the past.

Right now it seems almost hopeless. I know it isn't and I know Luke will get better again. But how long will it take? What toll has this taken on him?

Here I am trying to talk about how I am doing but I am more worried about Luke and how he is dealing with this. It just doesn't leave much space for me at this point.

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Callie S said...

Aw sweetheart,
It's completely normal to worry about your family. I know that I always put my families feelings and needs before my own. I think that is normal. You want your family to be happy and in turn that makes you happy. I get it. Many times there is one person that holds the family together. The Rock. You are the rock of the family right now. You are an incredibly strong person even though you probably don't feel like it, and I'm sure that even though you may sometimes feel unappreciated (I do sometimes) your family loves you very much.

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