Monday, June 2, 2008

A big set back

It became clear on Friday night that Luke's progress wasn't as permanent as we had let ourselves to believe. After an online exchange he got so upset and angry that he first punched the computer screen and then threw Miss K's high chair into the TV. Luckily all this happened AFTER our daughter was already in bed. But I had to take him to the emergency room.

The majority of the weekend he spent sleeping. The times that he was awake he was irritable and he could not stop thinking about what was said and who he thought said it. It brought back many bad memories that he is trying to forget.

This morning he had an appointment with his psychologist. Perfect timing and I was happy that it was already scheduled. We all together decided that it would be best if he would admit himself for inpatient treatment. Sadly the closest bed they had open in their system is in Augusta, GA which is 6 hours away from us. But it was necessary. I just hope it will help him.

And hopefully this will not set him back too much in his recovery. We were all so proud of the achievements he had made. I hope and pray that he will get back to that point without too much struggling.

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