Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hubby is home

And what an ordeal it was to get him home. He was supposed to leave GA at about noon and arrive at the pick-up point at about 5pm. In case he left later than that I was supposed to get a call. Since it's a 40minute drive to get there I left the house at 4pm to get there a bit earlier in case the cab got there early. By 6pm he still wasn't there so I called the hospital to see at what time he had been discharged... Only to find out that he left 2 1/2 hours later than I was told and nobody called me. So here I was stuck at the pick-up place with Miss K who was getting fussy. After all it was past her bed time by quiet some time and she was stuck in the car. Luckily there was a Walmart close by so we went there and I got her a book to look at. Shortly before 8pm I get another call from Luke telling me that they'd just drop him off at home instead. So I had been waiting there for nothing. YAY me.

But at least I got my hubby back. Miss K was too tired to care by the time we got home but I know she'll be happy to see him today when she gets up.

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