Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How difficult is it to keep a secret? (Vent)

Apparently my dear and loving husband is incapable of keeping a secret. Well, I kinda knew it because he has never been able to keep a secret from me. Birthday surprises? Don't happen, because he just HAS to tell me what he got me. He spent an extra $2? He HAS to tell me or he'll feel guilty. Seriously, there is NO way for him to keep a secret from me. And as I found out tonight, not from his grandparents either. WE had decided that we were not going to tell his family that we are TTC #2. Why? Simply because IMO it is non of their business. Tonight I went to Musikgarten for Miss K and as class was ending he called (later I saw he actually tried calling during class, too) to tell me he had told them that I might be pregnant. And that he told his grandma that we were actively TTC. Seriously, he needs to learn how to keep secrets. At least sometimes.

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