Thursday, May 3, 2007


Life has been crazy around here lately. Luke is under a ton of stress right now and it's taken its toll on us. We're trying to sell our house but it's not on the market yet, he is getting out in August, he is stressed at work, is in a huge amount of pain cause he somehow messed up his back and then there is the fact of not knowing when he will have his surgery, the surgery in itself and knowing what a huge life style change it will be for him. Couple all that with his General Anxiety Disorder and depression and you have a wonderful mix. The atmosphere here at home has been pretty tense over the past week. The smallest thing will get him upset and he will start ranting and raving. While I know it is not directed at me I am the one taken the brunt of it since I am the only on here. He knows that what he does is not the right way to deal with it and will apologize right away but while he is doing it he just can't stop. Normally I just let him get it out but I am getting to the point where it is too much and just snap back. Which in return generally leads to a huge fight. We both know it's the stress of the current situation but just don't know how else to deal with it. So if you could spare some prayers/good thoughts for us that we will get through this and that I can be strrong enough to deal with it that would be very much appreciated.

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